The Author

DAVE WAXLER is a licensed professional counselor, author, and speaker with over a decade of experience serving clients, training other mental health professionals, and consulting with non-profit organizations.
His collaborative and innovative approach to therapy has helped people of all ages in individual, family and couples therapy as they work toward living a more authentic and satisfying life.

The evidence is very clear that the best way to turn the tide of mental illness is to begin to heal the self. Research shows that changes in behavior and outlook are far more likely to last when a person changes how they see themselves. In order to create lasting improvements you must redefine who you think you are rather than just how you behave. If you work towards seeing yourself as a healthy person who makes healthy choices it will become part of your identity. It begins to infiltrate every part of your life. Your motivations build on each other so that your healthy choices are more rewarding and fulfilling.

Clear & Present; A Practical Guide To Authenticity